About This Dessert

Our main offering is sweet sticky rice topped with ice cream, sprinkled with a crunchy crumble. In the winter we've offered warm toppings to go with the sticky rice such as taro or pumpkin, and recently we came out with a bourbon-pecan topping. We've also come up with incredible fruit toppings, but have only just begun offering them to the public — stay tuned! Just don't ask us about mango, please. We will never do mango.

Most people in the USA know just one or two sticky rice desserts: sticky rice & mango, or black sticky rice pudding. But really there are hundreds of desserts and snacks in Thailand that use sticky rice, not to mention the savory foods eaten with plain sticky rice. It's next to impossible to find most of these in the States. Our treat is a twist on something you will often see in the north or northeast of Thailand: when the 'ice-cream man' shows up (usually on a motorcycle with a sidecar for the ice-cream and a big umbrella on a pole), he will have a choice of additions: crushed peanuts, sticky rice, condensed milk, sesame seeds, etc. You tell him what you want with your ice cream, and he'll serve it all to you in a cup — or in a hot-dog bun (yes, you read that right). Our version flips that upside-down, putting the sticky rice first with the ice cream on top. We've prepared the rice all sorts of ways never before seen in Thailand, while the ice cream is always the best coconut from Lopez Island Creamery.

In our family, we've been experimenting with sticky rice desserts for years. Kat (known now as the "sticky rice mom") has tried many variations, sometimes off-the-wall (like the Sticky Rice American Flag she once made on the 4th of July) but always delicious. Her son Tanner started this business in 2019 with his girlfriend Erin and began selling at the South Lake Union Saturday Market, then later at the Fremont Sunday Market. You may have seen the whole family and friends there helping out. We can't wait to see our #stickygang again in person.